Julia Karin Crane





"There are mystically in our faces certain characters which carry in them the motto of our souls, wherein he that cannot read ABC may read our natures"

Sir Thomas Browne (Religio Medici)

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Welcome to my website.

There are apparently around 6,500 languages on our planet. Most of us only speak one or two. A picture on the other hand is not limited by words and language and can communicate with everyone.

I struggled at school (as a result of undiagnosed attention deficit disorder). I remember the humiliation of being in the bottom set for maths and constantly being in detention for one misdemeanour or another.

 Art was a life-saver, the only subject that you couldn't make mistakes. Art gave me "permission" to be myself, to use my habit of "daydreaming" to create original pieces of work. As I drew my mind would "let-go". 

This natural form of meditation, suspending thinking, was what gave me the ability to communicate psychically.

Quietening the mind is an essential part of the process when working as a medium. 

It didn't occur to me that my portraits had a psychic quality to them.

I remember my Art teacher would get quite irritated with me for not following and method or structure. I would always start with the eyes of a subject (human or animal) and once I had a "connection" the rest of the image would fall into place.

I know from the reaction of my clients that i had captured the "essence" of the subject.

Once I took a portrait of a boxer to my local Pet charity shop "Paws" on Battersea Park road. The elderly man who ran the shop did readings and a student of his on seeing the image of the dog said to me "you're psychic"!

After this I started taking classes at the College of psychic studies in South Kensington to develop the gift.